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Clean house and sell vinyl records

Clean house and sell vinyl records

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What are my old Vinyl Record worth?

by Robert Rohrman
February 20, 2018

Thinking of selling your old vinyl records? Are those records are taking up valuable space? Worse yet, are they sitting in a musty basement or storage area, losing value because they are not properly stored?  Whatever brought you here,  perhaps you decide it’s time to let them go, but guess what? They may be worth something!! If you haven’t heard, there is a resurgence in vinyl records, and it’s not just new titles. Those older original copies may be worth some money. Here’s a few things to know if you’d like to clean out some space, and not get ripped off in the process.

First, the records are worth less than you think, and more than you might think at the same time. This means, you are not going to retire on what you have in your old bins. It also means, that there is probably someone out there who would be willing to pay to salvage those old records.

The next thing for you to consider, is what type of music you have. This is where the facts can get dicey, but your old Johnny Mathis album isn’t worth anything. However, your old Beatles album or Bob Dylan album may be worth something if it’s in nice shape. That’s right, rock and roll is where it’s at. Some collectors will like the jazz and country, and R and B and others have their collectors, but it’s rock and roll that will bring you the most return.  There are few collectors who will purchase 78’s, but that doesn’t mean they are not worth anything. Same with 45’s.

If you determine that you have something others might like, now it’s time to decide what to do. A trustworthy buyer is the logical way to efficiently sell your records. A trustworthy buyer is someone who you trust to come to your house. A person who will be honest if they find something rare or valuable. And a person who makes the process comfortable, fair and respects your connection to your possessions. You should not try to sell your records individually if you are not familiar with that process. it is like selling antique books, or rare artwork. Not all of us have that experience to do it right, or want to take the time necessary to do it properly.